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Current Hours:
Monday & Tuesday: 4 PM – 10 PM
Wed – Fri from 4 PM – 11 PM (Dinner)
Saturday from 10 AM – 4 PM (Brunch) & 4 PM – 11 PM (Dinner)
Sunday from 10 AM – 6 PM (Brunch)

For Pick-up Call (860) 232-7827!

Our Story

Celebrating 20 Years!

Gas•tro•pub \gas-trō-pub\ n: a combination of pub and gastronomy which is dedicated to high-quality food in a relaxed setting. The focus is on regional cooking with local ingredients, along with specialty beers and wines from around the world.

Gastro Pubs are a well recognized form of eatery in Western Europe. The concept helped truly create a culinary scene and arose from a conscious effort to promote great food in well-loved casual places. Gastro pubs have been described as the Anglo-equivalent of the French brasserie or the Japanese izakaya.

Simply put, they are a pub that far exceeds the basic “pub grub.” They are a shift from formal dining to more informal local pub dining with moderate prices for the type of dishes being served. Moreover, you can order at the bar, and the plates will be brought to your table, and like a pub, should you choose not to eat, you may drink without ordering food.

Simplicity, while much lauded can often sell things short and the Gastro Pub is so much more than just a good food pub. It is a temple of gastronomy that makes market fresh, quality, creative food accessible all. It thumbs up its nose, at restaurants that cater only to those who can pay high prices. What better way to rebel than to serve posh food with gourmet beer at every day prices? It’s magically delicious.

The Half Door

Monday & Tuesday: 4 PM – 10 PM
Wed – Fri from 4 PM – 11 PM (Dinner)
Saturday from 10 AM – 4 PM (Brunch) & 4 PM – 11 PM (Dinner)
Sunday from 10 AM – 6 PM (Brunch)

270 Sisson Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105

Phone: (860) 232-7827
Email: info@thehalfdoor.com

Careers at The Half Door

It’s a beautiful day for a refreshing IPA, come down tonight to get your hands on this delicious Maine Lunch before it’s gone! 

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The wings were too good so we had to eat them rather than a do-over.
How many takes do you guys have to do to get a good boomerang?.
Answer below for us ⬇️
The sun is out and the half doors are open! Come enjoy a Carlsberg on the patio during this beautiful day... ☀️ 🍻 

#halfdoor #hartford #hartfordhasit #carlsberg #beer
ST. PATRICKS DAY IS BACK AT THE HALF DOOR! Our brunch reservations are full but we hope to see everyone for dinner tonight starting at 4, remember seating is first come first serve and we do have our patio open... sláinte!
2 days away! We still have a few tables open for our St. Patrick’s Day brunch. 

Give us a call during business hours or email bar@thehalfdoor.com to solidify your spot in continuing our tradition! 🍻🍀
Come enjoy the fresh air, a cold beer and a delicious meal outside on the patio! It’s going to be gorgeous all week! #thehalfdoor #halfdoor #ctlocal #bestirishpub #ctirishbar
St Paddy’s Day is NOT canceled this year and we can’t wait to see you all!
WHO’S COMING? Make sure to get your reservations in!
St Patrick’s Day at the Half Door is back! We are proud to be open all day to continue our tradition. 

We will be serving a *RESERVATION ONLY* kegs and eggs style brunch from 8am to 4pm, and then resume our day with regular dining and a prefixed menu. Reservations for tables  will last 2 hours in order to accompany everyone. 

We are working hard on making sure it’s a safe environment for everyone. Masks will be required upon entry and enforced when moving around. Please be cautious of others space! 

Give us a call this week to reserve your spot! Reservations start on Monday, March 1st. 

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When the snow flows the Guinness flows! Come see Victoria behind the bar tonight until 11 ❄️ 🍺 

#hartford #halfdoor #guinness #harp #bar
The rumors are true! Our ole’ friend Jess will be back on the team for our reopening on Mondays.. catch her every Monday behind the bar 4-10pm! She pours a mean Guinness 🇮🇪 🍺 

#halfdoorhasit #mondaysarehardenough #hartford #bartender
Love is in the air! This Sunday get any two brunch items on our menu for $20.21. Try out some of our new specials listed above. 

Call 860-232-7827 or message our DM’s for any questions. 

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We are so excited to announce that we will be opening up 7 days a week moving forward. Check out our new hours below.

Monday: 4pm-10pm
Tuesday: 4pm-11pm
Wednesday: 4pm-11pm
Thursday: 4pam-11pm
Friday: 4pm-11pm
Saturday: 10am-11pm
Sunday: 10am-6pm

We hope to see you soon.
Game day is almost here. Enjoy some of our delicious new chipotle garlic wings. 
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Oh yeah, we’re back in the footy business baby!! Peacock is locked and loaded so we will never miss another game again! Thank you all for your patience! Catch Liverpool vs Manchester City Sunday @ 11:30!! #soccer #football #premierleague #halfdoorhasit #hartfordhasit
Did you miss our Hangover Brunch yesterday? Don't fret - we're serving brunch today (10-4pm) and tomorrow (10-6pm)! 

Brunch menu link in bio.

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Happy New Year!! Food, the key to your hangover recovery, is right this way!! Has anyone else heard that beer helps? 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, see you this morning at 10am. #ComeBrunch

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